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Power Management – Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel, 40 kVA

Flexible and reliable power distribution solution ideal for small data centers

Delta?s Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel (rRPP) is an ideal power distribution solution for up to 40 kVA. It integrates perfectly with standard server racks and supports either 3 phase or 1 phase output power.

Ensuring maximum reliability and uptime, rRPP supports compartmentalized control and provides real time power quality monitoring and fast response to related events with full-featured management via a web browser.

rRPP allows installation of a maximum of four breaker modules. The breaker modules support tool-less replacement and minimize downtime caused by add-ons and changes to accommodate onsite power distribution needs.

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Features & Benefits
High Flexibility

Provides 1 phase and 3 phase breaker modules with 16 A and 32 A rating options
Highly scalable design allows tool-less installation of a maximum four breaker modules (optional), and supports a maximum 12 branches
Standard rRPP chassis fits all 1P/3P 16 A / 32 A breaker modules, and easily adapts to power feed requirement changes

High Reliability

Intelligently monitors system /each branch?s status for power usage and viability
Compartmentalized control with separate breaker module and phases
Offers abnormal voltage and current alarms
Provides statistics for system max/min voltage, current, frequency and kW with four hours tracking history
Proactive management from assets with up to 2000 event logs and data trending


Configurable alarm notification for over/under current and poor power factor
Each breaker module has LED light for easily identifiable power status
Freely connects to computer with built-in RS-485 or USB port to monitor branch status and parameter configuration
Mini SNMP card (optional) allows remote system/branch monitoring. Provides quick summary with glance view, and detail system/branch power status data are readily available


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