Indoor systems | HVDC – Series

Indoor systems | HVDC – Series

HVDC Power Systems are complete solution for the high voltage 380 VDC applications. They offer the highest total system conversion efficiency (grid to chip) and significant reduction of the installation costs (particularly compare to low voltage 48 VDC systems). In addition, due to the simplest conversion structure, HVDC systems support the highest reliability, very important for modern data center application. Maximum output power would reach 1,35 MW inbuilt in multi-cabinet and multi section structures.

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Features & Benefits
Scalable power system up to 225 kW per cabinet and 450 kW paralleled
Truly modular building blocks
Cabling entry from top (or bottom in limited configurations)
High efficiency rectifiers up to 96.2 %
Enhanced monitoring and controlling with ORION controller

Central offices
Mobile telephone switching offices
Data centers
Modular UPS configurations
Indoor and outdoor container


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